Singer, Songwriter, Composer, Producer:

4 Studio albums:

"gagarin ~ returns"
"gagarin ~ son of the earth"

Rreess's albums are often collaborations
and are approached as concept albums.
Dark and melodic, exploritive sonically and lyrically bold.
Based in Berlin working from monsterstudios.
Originally from London, born in Hawii, USA.
Rreess signed to Sp8kauf in 2013

Rreess has worked with
Ken Thomas [Sigur Ros, M83, Moby, Daughter, David Gahan]
Jolyon Thomas [SCUM, M83, Gavin Friday]
Nick Payne [screens album]
Ben Leeves [Supertoys]
Steff Jungen [Jimi Berlin, die Passanten]
Neil Simpson [Neil DaSilva]
Michael Garbsch [Syzzy Roxx]

Rreess has remixed for Tom Jones, Heather Small, Space, Pure Tone, Gorillaz,KomputerKomputer.



Working on "Honeycomb"
portraits of Berlin
with Michael Garbsch & Jolyon Thomas.

and "Fashion & Machine"
21 century pulse
with Jolyon Thomas.


WATCH Gagarin - Returns
CD release & LIVE show
at CCCP club Berlin

[watch now on youtube]

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Gagarin - Returns

Gagarin  - Returns

Produced by Neil Simpson & Nicholas de Carlo
Recorded in Berlin, Munich, London & Ramsgate in 2011 / 12
Release: 12 April 2012 [sp8kauf]
Cat. no.: sp8-004 
Length: 52:15 / 12 tracks
Dance, Electronic, Classical


Rreess teams up with Neil Simpson to release their beautiful and powerful album 'Gagarin Returns'. Massive beats mix with piano melodies and inventive atmospheres that stir, lift and move you, sometimes gently, sometimes blasting you into space.
Rreess's filmscore-like instrumental music explores, using electronics, classical piano themes, audio loop patterns, and evocative soundscapes, the personal experiences of Gagarin: his feelings, thoughts and even hallucinations during his rapid single orbit of the planet. Fired up beats mix with chilled piano melodies and inventive atmospheres that stir, lift and move you, sometimes gently floating, sometimes racing you high into space.

Press Reviews:


Rreess - Gagarin - Returns
"...pleasing all lovers of classic ChillOut, Downtempo, Balearic and Lounge music...cinematic qualities to it. Huge production, strings, intimate and sensual piano parts..." [read review]

[das gothic forum]
Gagarin - Returns. Das neue Album von Electronic Wizzard Rreess

"...Gagarin - Returns" ist ein weiterer Ausflug in die Weiten der elektronischen Musik ohne stilistische Fußfesseln..." [read review]

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Gagarin - Son of the Earth

Gagarin  - Son Of The Earth

Produced by Nicholas de Carlo
Recorded in Berlin 2010 / 11
Release: 12 April 2011 [sp8kauf]
Cat. no.: sp8-003 
Length: 44:30 / 12 tracks
Ambient, Classical, Electronic


A soundtrack concept album based on Russian cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin's space flight which took place on the 12th April 1961.
Gagarin was the first human being to enter space.  He flew once around our blue planet and returned back home safely.
They called him "Son Of The Earth".
This extraordinary soundtrack album takes the journey with mankind's first space traveler, and is imagined from Gagarin's own subjective point of view.
Rreess's film score-like instrumental music explores, using electronics, classical piano, audio loops, old gramophone samples,  and soundscapes,
Gagarin's personal experiences, feelings, thoughts and perhaps hallucinations during his rapid single orbit of the planet.
The sounds of his breathing or perhaps his pulsing heart beat mix with the sounds from within the small cockpit of the rocket ship and are blended with themes and atmospheres of the vastness of space hurtling outside his window, his exhilarating flight and memories of home.

Press Reviews:

"...This album is incredible and a wonderful testament to the first man in space. A touch of class!.."

"... if you like dreamy landscapes... a more tuneful and melodic Tim Hecker! Amazing..."

"... feel like I know Gagarin and the emotions he went through on that first mission. Musically brilliant and very clever production makes this quite unique..." [read review]

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Produced by Jolyon Thomas
Recorded in Berlin & Hampshire
Release: 13 December 2013 [sp8kauf]
Cat. no.: sp8-002 
Length: 44:40 / 10 tracks
Electronic, Aternative


"Tempelhof" is a concept album which makes an electronic journey into the imposing atmosphere of Berlin's famous airport Tempelhof, blended with lyrics that trace the characters of David Lynch's classic "Blue Velvet". Set your imagination to 1987 cold war Berlin.
The music uses many mid 1980's signature FM synthesizers (DX7, DX21, PSS50 and Linn, MR10 drum machines) mastered by Jens Ruele at UFO Studios Berlin onto BASF tape.

Press Reviews:

[TIP berlin]
"Hörenswert" [Tip Berlin Magazin, Ulike Rechel]
"...retro-keyboard sounds the "New Wave" era – a cool, icy exterior shell for the soft, vocoder filtered centre of the Brit's vocals. The mild harmonies flow hypnotically like Eno's Ambient tracks: RREESS's excursions into longing, wings and barriers lends a dreamy fantasy-like effect."

[Radio Eins]
LIVE interview with Anja Caspary:
"...wonderful electronic music...straight off, the first song "Tonight" deserves to be praised..."

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Produced by Ken Thomas
Recorded in London & Hampshire 2009 & 2010
Release: 5 July 2013 [sp8kauf]
Cat. no.: sp8-001 
Length: 39:50 / 10 tracks
Rock, Pop-Alternative, Emo


"Screens", is a collaboration with English songwriter-composer Nick Payne. The songs are personal and inspired by dreams and relationship collisions. Lyrics combining personal hardship, love and pain with dream images, sequences and non narrative montage. The sound of the music reflects the 1980's British guitar bands like New Order, distorted pianos and synths of Depeche Mode and some Duran Duran pop shine. The scale and production are film soundtrack in depth with unusual drum machine programming textures and 80s synthesizers like Jupiter 8 & JX3p. Ghost like multi-harmonies on Rreess's rich and dark melodic vocals. The album was produced by legendary producer Ken Thomas who is known for his atmospheric work with Sigur Ros, The Cocteau Twins, M83 & currently Moby.

Press Reviews:

[Reverbxl] / Rob Adamson:
...its a great piece of work and a well crafted Record, Good Songs..."
[XLrecordings] / Matthew Thornhill:
“...really impressive,there's a definite Manchester influence here,there are hints of Doves, hints of Stone Roses, and it wouldn't have sounded out of place on Factory Records,the songwriting is really strong....”

[Glampop] / Ben Leeves:
"...it’s a gourgeous mix of melody, harmony and riffs for you to get lost in...a must have in any GlamPop collection..."

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